The artistic research of Nicola Bertoglio exclusively covers the Iphoneography, contemporary trend of photography through the use of smartphones.


The images are created using the Instagram editing and sharing online application founded in 2010 specifically for the iPhone. Nicola Bertoglio uses only this application because it is a specific application for iPhone and therefore a direct expression of iphoneography. The choice of Nicola Bertoglio to create images rather than photographs stems from the desire to break away from reality to explore the surreal and dreamlike worlds.

The composition

The choice of the artist to create compositions of multiple images stems from the attempt to recreate the study of his dreams through a Jungian approach which consisted in analyzing the dreams one after the other to compose the narrative of his inner world.

The printing process

The innovative choice to print images on aluminum plates Chromaluxe is due to the artist's desire to replicate them as the bright screen of his iPhone.

The shape

The square shape of the aluminum plates used for printing is due to the shape of the images generated by the Instagram application.

The uniqueness

The works of Nicola Bertoglio are made in a single copy, since the individual images are printed only once. This option is intended to make the same works unique objects and not simple prints.