Mostra collettiva del progetto "DF ART PROJECT" dal 8 al 19 aprile 2023 presso La Porte Maubec a La Rochelle in Francia

sabato 8 aprile 2023

DF Art Project Exhibition La Porte Maubec

La Porte Maubec 6 Rue Saint-Louis, 17000 La Rochelle

from 8th to 19th april 2023

The Maubec Gate of La Rochelle was built in 1610 under the orders of Henry IV. During the siege of La Rochelle, ordered by Louis XIII and commanded by Cardinal Richelieu in 1628, it was the only door of the Protestant rampart that was not destroyed.

Spared by the wars but worn out by time, the Maubec Gate has recently been restored to its original identity. Classified as a Historic Monument, it is since 2013, an exceptional site dedicated to Art and charity events.

In this place full of history and from now on considered as a real artistic enclosure, DF ART PROJECT proposes a collective exhibition representative of its artistic line around the destructuring of the figure. All the modes of expression, all the supports, all the media can be retained for the exhibition at the Porte Maubec.

Exhibiting artists:

Charlotte Désétoiles, Claude A.Thibaud, CY. Pavel, Daniel Derderian, David Cow, Debora Stein, Dominique Dève, Emily Coubard, Emily Helstroffer, Jame Saurel, Jean Claude Causse, Jérôme Royer, JIFIE, Le Franc, Léonore Fandol, LudivineG., Marie Fang, Marjorie Chevalier, ichel Marant, Nicola Bertoglio, Pierre Beaufils, quat’sous, Robert Venezia, Ronnie Jiang, Samuel Boudaud, Sophie Gouvion, Sylvie Lamandé, Turzo, Yann Crouton.


Qui il catalogo della mostra in francese.


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