Mostra collettiva del progetto "DF Art Project" presso la galleria Mémoire de l'Avenir a Parigi dal 10 luglio al 28 agosto 2021

sabato 10 luglio 2021

Mémoire de l'Avenir has invited the international art collective DF Art Project for two consecutive expositions, bringing together artists who share a common plastic research, around the fragmentation of identities, of realities, their perspectives, their distortions and/or their dynamics of transformation. 
The artists are questioning the subject as much as their mediums of use, working with photography, sculpture, performance or video practices.
The first exhibition from July 10 to August 28 presents 8 artists of the collective.
Claude A. Thibaud / Daniel Cabanzo / Sarah N. / Nicola Bertoglio / Claudia Vialaret / Marie-Jeanne Avgerinos / Fabrice Aliaga / Jean René Berlioz
Mainly linked to notions of time, of bodies and of their metamorphoses; the works presented are echoes the paths of lives, mentally and physically, throughout whims of desires, of fears, of life and of death. These routes are traced over the course of encounters with the world, evoking intimate, physical and social interrogations, that arises. 
By portraiture and stylistic approaches of DE structuring the real, the artists try to capture these movements of the spirit and of the being and of the worlds that inhabit them. 
With his ghostly forms, Claude A. Thibaud seeks to express the profound solitude of a man, his sadness, his anguish of existence and the obstinacy of his despair.  Daniel Cabanzo presents a series of portraits with vivid features and colours, with sewn mouths that bring out the latent violence arises from the impossibility to express oneself. Through a study of nature and the human being, Sarah N. links the body, real or symbolic, to a fantastic universe. Fascinated by the fold, symbol of the wrinkling of the world, the movement of life and its trace, Claudia Vialaret emancipates herself from the traditional photographic support to hybridize the human figure printed on textile and paper material, worked in volume, while calling upon the history of painting, literature and photography.  By a game of splitting images of the body, Nicola Bertoglio proposes metaphors of the collective unconscious, where the symbols that unite the dreamlike and deep world of the individual reside.  Using found or recovered materials, Marie-Jeanne Avgerinos, creates wall sculptures in which the human presence emerges in the form of mental cartography. Fabrice Aliaga, via his ceramic sculptures, he proceeds from the human body as an alphabet, doubling the limbs in the manner of upper- and lower-case letters, writing key moments of the human experience. 
Finally, Jean René Berlioz, in his silver work, thru a play of forms, transparencies and luminous tearing, creates a confusion of planes between his characters and the material of the objects that surround him, in a symbiotic research between the human being and his environment.


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