Mostra collettiva “Conversations within” presso saphira & Ventura Gallery a New York dal 18 febbraio al 5 marzo 2019

lunedì 18 febbraio 2019

L’opera “La Gabbia in cui si è liberi” durante la mostra.

Saphira & Ventura Gallery is pleased to present: 

Conversations Within, a Collective Exhibition

Featuring the artists:
Maria Luisa Acciaioli / Antonella Avataneo / Nicola Bertoglio / Lucia Bizzari Vezzani / Horst Reu Francesco Casolari / Zach Crosswait / Stefano Galli / Viviana Gris / Valentina Guadagnucci / Rosalind Keith / Alex Meli / Dino Paiano / Emanuele Scandaliato / Paige Walker / Stefano Balzano / Tania Bucur / Vincent / Milena Carrisi / Kerstin Kager / Faè A.Dijeraba / Lorenzo Barberis / Maestro Sergio Saccomandi /
Diana Liljelund / Emanuele Tozzoli
Curated by: 

Daniela Accorsi, Mara Campaner and Alcinda Saphira
VIP RECEPTION: Feb 18 // 6 – 8PM
ON VIEW: Feb 18 – Mar 5
LOCATION: Saphira & Ventura Gallery
4 W 43rd Street, Suite 416, New York, NY - 10036


Presentation of the artwork "The cage in which to be free"*

Not a photographer.

“I consider myself an accidental artist, my motto can be: understand the world to understand myself. I photograph to create images like fragments to be organized into fragments of narratives. I put the images together, I do not join them, as my story is never consolidated, it is always part of another story. I'm not a photographer, I just use photography to say something else. I consider myself a poet who uses images instead of verses”.

The medium.

“The idea of setting the images produced by a smartphone on any physical medium is definitely a political act. It is to oppose the apparent destiny of pulverizing everyday life, the unstoppable crumbling of every certainty. The "everything is public" inevitably becomes "everything is insignificant", not worthy of remaining in time and memory”.

The invisible structure.

“In my works the meaning contained in the images is as important as the structure that binds them. What I bring to art is therefore both the hidden story in the compositional form and the impalpable and "invisible" structure behind the images, obtained thanks to the shadows and the separation of the slabs positioned with a spacer from the support.

This structure that surrounds the images can be defined as a metaphor of the collective unconscious in which reside the symbols that unite the oneiric and profound world of each one of us”.

The banality of nudity.

“In the work that I present a naked body is lost in his thoughts, "prisoner" of a form (his flesh) within a square structure (the plate). The repetition of the subject creates the illusion of two "bars" formed by the vertical union of the bodies. Are you free when you are without clothes? Are you really free living your lives? Or maybe only in the depths of our mind can we be all the way down? Who knows. Meanwhile, the body waits in a banal "do nothing"”.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Nicola Bertoglio

*la traduzione del testo in inglese è stata fatta con l’aiuto di Edoardo Felli.